Kauai Sewer credit for 2013

November 15, 2012

Did you know that you may qualify for a sewer credit each month?

To Qualify:

  1.  You must be receiving sewer service from the County of Kauai.
  2.  Your 2011 annual adjusted gross income cannot exceed $40,000.
  3.  You must not be receiving sewer assitance payments from any organizations.
  4.  You must claim only one (1) residence for the credit.
  5.  The dwelling unit for which you are claiming the credit must be your principal residence.
  6.  You must be current on your sewer utility payments including any sewer payment plan.


To Apply for Credit:

  1.  The DEADLINE for submitting an application is Monday, December 31, 2012.

For more information or to obtain form, contact the County of Kauai Wastewater Management at 241-4082.  Sewer Credit Applications are also available at the following locations: