Kauai Real Property Taxes – Home Exemptions

September 28, 2012

Excerpt from Kauai Real Property Tax department’s  UNDERSTANDING YOUR REAL PROPERTY TAXES (modified 6/15/12) :    

As a property owner you should be aware that there are homeowners exemptions which can reduce your net taxable value providing you occupy the property as your principal residence on September 30 preceding the tax year. These  HOME EXEMPTIONS  are:

*BASIC HOME EXEMPTION – Homeowners or lessees, defined as Homeowners under Chapter 5.A-11.4 (a) and (3)(b) up until 61 years of age will be eligible for a single home exemption of $48,000.
*MULTIPLE HOME EXEMPTION – This exemption was established to help senior citizens living on fixed retirement incomes. Homeowners between the ages of 61 and 70 are eligible for two times the basic home exemption of $96,000. For homeowners 71 years and older, the multiple home exemption is two and a half times the basic home exemption or $120,000.
*TOTALLY DISABLED VETERAN EXEMPTION – If you are a totally disabled veteran due to injuries received while on active duty with the U.S. Armed Forces, your home is exempted from all real property taxes, except the minimum tax of $25.00.
*ADDITIONAL HOME EXEMPTION BASED ON INCOME – Real Property which qualifies for the Basic Home Exemption or Multiple Home Exemption shall be entitled to an additional exemption of up to $120,000 provided the annual gross income of the owner-occupant is less than $60,200. You shall apply annually for this exemption.
*DISABILITY EXEMPTION – Special exemptions of up to $50,000 are also available for property owners who are totally disabled, blind, deaf, or who are Hansen’s disease sufferers. This special exemption is in addition to the basic and multiple home exemptions.

The staff of the Real Property Assessment Division will not automatically grant homeowner exemptions. You must file a claim on or before September 30 for the next tax year but, once filed except for the additional exemption based on income, no additional action is required until your status changes. In addition to exemptions cited, there may be other types of exemptions which the Council may approve from time to time. Please check with the assessor’s office for more information.

Another important time frame is the period when assessment notices are mailed to property owners. These notices are mailed each year by
December 1. You have until December 31 to appeal your assessment.
When you receive your notice, study it carefully. It lists your land classification, property value, exemptions and net taxable value. If you find an error or have questions on your assessment, contact the Real Property Assessment Division