How much does it cost to have a REALTOR represent me as a buyer?

June 16, 2017

The homebuying process can be complicated and stressful, especially if you are a 1st time homebuyer. It doesn’t cost you anything to have a realtor represent you as a buyer when purchasing a home, or any real estate property, for that matter. The realtor gets paid by the seller of the property. The sales price of the property doesn’t change whether you have a realtor help you or if you do it by yourself. And if after all that searching and negotiating, you end up not buying  the property,  you don’t owe the realtor anything. A realtor only gets paid when a property is sold.


Moral of the story: Home buyers should find a realtor to be their buyer’s representative when buying any real property. Calling the listing (seller’s)agent on the property’s sign directly can be to your disadvantage. Find a realtor to work with and have the realtor do the work for you, at the cost of the seller.