Additional Rental Units – Public Hearing set for Nov 30, 2020, 9am

October 24, 2020

Per the County of Kauai news release on October 23, 2020,  the Kauai Housing Agney will hold a public hearing on Nov 30, 2020 (Happy birthday Tim ) on the proposed rules and regulations governing the certification of affordable Additional Rental Units via audio teleconference at 1-469-848-0234, Conference ID: 282 990 9#.

To read the announcement:  Kauai County Public Hearing Nov 30

The purpose of this hearing is to establish the requirements and procedures for Owners to certify Additional Rental Units as affordable, in order to qualify for various fee waivers and subsidies, including the payment of the Department of Water Facility Reserve Charge from the Housing Development Fund.

To read the proposal: Proposed Rules governing ARU Affordability Oct 2020