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Tim Mira, Realtor Broker - Kauai

Tim Mira, Realtor Broker

phone: (808) 639-2263
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Christyl Nagao, Realtor (B) - Kauai

Christyl Nagao, Realtor Broker

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Cory Mira, Realtor (S) - Kauai

Cory Mira, Realtor (S)

phone: (808) 635-7809
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Mortgage Insurance Premiums deductions

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Per IRS website:

Here you'll find items of current interest — new programs, recent guidance or timely reminders.

Recent tax law changes have extended or changed many expiring tax law provisions, including: 

  • Treatment of mortgage insurance premiums as qualified residence interest

Since we are Realtors and not Accountants,  talk to your tax advisor to make sure your mortgage insurance premiums are being reported properly.


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